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The Weight of Silk on Skin Poster

The Weight of Silk on Skin

PRESENTED BY W!LD RICE in collaboration with Checkpoint Theatre
WRITTEN BY Huzir Sulaiman
DATES 3 – 7 August 2011
VENUE Drama Centre Theatre

It’s only when you pull her dress over her head that you can begin to understand the weight of silk on skin; to divine, in the lines left by the seams on her bare shoulders, how you will leave, and when, and with what rehearsed words of deep regret.

He’s an arbiter of elegance at the end of the road, rewinding a life of cold beauty and harsh truths. His distractions are many: the erotic allure of women; neat whiskey in cut crystal; the matchless charms of a well-cut suit. But what happens when memories aren’t beautiful and style can’t conquer everything? And if he can’t regain lost time, can he still reclaim lost loves?

Lyrical, biting and powerful, The Weight of Silk on Skin is a timely meditation on the sensual pleasures and pains of a man’s life.

The Weight of Silk on Skin was the opening show of the 2011 Man Singapore Theatre Festival. This production brought together Ivan Heng, Huzir Sulaiman and Claire Wong, three of Singapore theatre’s most celebrated artists, in a sexy new collaboration.

The Weight of Silk on Skin was nominated for Best Actor (Ivan Heng), and won for Best Original Script and Best Lighting Design at the 2012 The Straits Times LIFE! Theatre Awards.

“Powerful and emotive, The Weight of Silk of Skin was certainly memorable. Does it deserve a few restagings? Possibly – the script alone begs to be recited over and again.”
– The Business Times

“Sometimes a good script and just one good performer is all you need to create a great theatre production. Heng gave a nuanced, mesmerising performance as he brought his character, the wealthy but broken Au Yong to life.”
– Channel News Asia