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LIFE: On RACE – Can We Handle The Hard Truths?

06 August 2011, 5.30pm

It’s been forty-five years since the Pledge was written, and since we declared that we would be one united people. But why is race still such a sensitive topic? Will there always be ‘primordial sentiments’ and ‘tribal allegiances’ that are resistant to nation-building? Is racial harmony forged through gestures of appeasement, rather than a genuine understanding among different races? And is the spectre of racial riots still lurking around the corner, under our skin?

Moderator: Viswa Sadasivan (Nominated MP)
Panelists: Matilda Gabrielpillai Rose Sharmala (Freelance Academic), Zizi Azah Abdul Majid (Artistic Director, Teater Ekamatra), Chong Tze Chien (Company Director, Finger Players), Alfian Sa’at (Playwright)

LIFE: On POLITICS – A Brave New World?

13 August 2011, 5.30pm

The 2011 General Elections was widely acknowledged to be a watershed in the country’s political life. Charged national issues took centrestage, including calls for greater transparency and a multi-party democracy. What had changed? What kinds of thresholds have we crossed? Almost 100 days (98 cooling-off days, to be exact) since the elections, where are we now? Have we forged ahead? Or have we just returned to business as usual?

Moderator: Siew Kum Hong (Lawyer)
Panelists:  Wijeysingha Vincent Rene (Social Worker), Nicole Seah (Advertising Executive), Tan Chuan-Jin (Minister of State, Manpower & Development), Alex Au (Retired)

LIFE: On MORALITY – The Good, The Bad, And The Referees

20 August 2011, 5.30pm

What are our ‘core values’? Who decides what they are? How are they affected by various historical trends, such as Victorian morality in our legal codes, ‘Asian Values’ as a response to ‘Westernisation’ and recent movements such as religious revivalism? What is socially acceptable in today’s Singapore? Are we still the conservative society the powers seem to suggest? And is globalisation changing the rules of the game?

Moderator: Thirunalan Sasitharan (Director, TTRP)
Panelists:  Joel Tan (Undergraduate), Glen Goei (Associate Artistic Director, W!LD RICE), Nurhashida Mahadi (Theatre Practitioner)