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PRESENTED BY spell#7 & Ho Tzu Nyen in association with W!LD RICE
WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Ho Tzu Nyen (House of Memory) & Paul Rae (Tree Duet)
STARRING Ho Tzu Nyen / Kaylene Tan / Paul Rae
DATES 7 – 9 August 2008
VENUE Drama Centre Black Box

Where do your memories live?

Tree/House is a two-part performance about how we remember in a city of forgetting. First a tree, then a house, provide the starting points for an exercise in modern storytelling, which weaves objects, images and anecdotes together into a provocative and poignant remembrance of things present.

Tree Duet explores our continuing entanglement with trees by presenting a theatrical meditation on the things they make us think and do. An eco-performance minus the moralizing, spell #7’s Paul Rae and Kaylene Tan, reinvent tree-lore for the 21st century.

House of Memory is a quirky performance lecture by visual artist and film-maker Ho Tzu Nyen. Beginning with the destruction of his childhood home, Tzu Nyen plunders the history of twentieth century cinema, from the arthouse to the action-packed, in search of his memories – with increasingly explosive results.

“This is a show that eludes you, that charms you but does not seduce you, that stirs you and awakens you to a new level of consciousness while never quite binding you in the same spell, that speaks softly and is radical without being radical at all.”
— Flying Inkpot, on Tree Duet

“An honest performance, a realization of the dangers posed by our passivity to the decay around us, and a serenade to life itself.”
— Art Jam, on Tree Duet