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I am Queen

PRESENTED BY The Theatre Practice in collaboration with W!LD RICE
WRITTEN BY Quah Sy Ren & Liu Xiaoyi
STARRING Peter Sau / Koh Wan Ching / Windson Liong / Eemien Sia / Liu Hong / He Le Miao
DATES 14 – 17 August 2008
VENUE Drama Centre Black Box

A sinister rape and murder sets the whole community abuzz: what dangers will it bring to this woman’s life? What has she weathered from her labyrinth of broken loves? Where does she stand in the glittering world of prostitutes, porn stars and playboy models? What does one stripper have to do with the turbulence of anti-colonialism, anti-pornography movements and the birthing pains of nations and cultures that rocked the Fifties?

Look upon his-story with her eyes, and know her tale from her own tongue.