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Blood Binds

PRESENTED BY Magdalena (Singapore) & The Substation in association with W!LD RICE
WRITTEN BY Ng Swee San (Bond-Age) & Dora Tan (Just Late)
STARRING Bridget Therese Lachica / Loke Loo Pin (Bond-Age); Ghazi Alqudcy / Jerry Hoh / Chris Lee / Daphne Ong (Just Late)
DATES 21 – 22 August 2008
VENUE Drama Centre Black Box


Fiesty and fiercely independent May is forced by circumstances to depend on mousey Agnes to rescue her. Their little escapade forces them to confront their feelings of guilt and resentment towards their families, and to come to terms with aging and their evolving roles as mothers. Along the way, they discover some startling and unsavory truths about themselves and each other. Is there enough love and courage to heal the scars and bruises? Do they have the strength to forgive each other and themselves?


Patrick, a blind man, goes to great lengths to prepare his 70th birthday party but his family doesn’t show up. Assuming they are his grandchildren, Patrick lets two robbers into his home. Although the robbers’ intention is to steal, one of them starts to form a bond with him. There is comedy with mistaken identities and contrasting personalities. There is pathos when the old man, after waiting four hours, begins to realise that his family never intended to come. There is poignancy when total strangers start to feel something for each other.