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Life: Regardless of Race: Uncomfortable Silences, Unfounded Fears
Art: The Swordfish, then The Concubine, angel-ism

10 August 2008, 5.30pm

Why are race and religion such taboo topics in Singapore? How has Singapore theatre contributed to ongoing debates about race, language, religion and ethnicity? In what ways have the idea of four official races limited our understanding of one another? Should we start speaking about a Singaporean race?

Moderator: Alfian Sa’at (Resident Playwright, W!LD RICE, and Dramaturg, OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival 08)
Panelists: Kok Heng Leun (Artistic Director, Drama Box), Aidil ‘Alin’ Mosbit (Artistic Director, panggung ARTS), Constance Singam (President, AWARE), Lim Kean Bon (Graduate student and author of Performing Whose Identity?: Singapore Malay Theatre and the Politics of Malayness), Dr Kenneth Paul Tan (Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, author of Cinema and Television in Singapore: Resistance in One Dimension)

LIFE: We the Citizens: Unsung Heroines, Unwritten Histories
ART: The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles, I Am Queen

16 August 2008, 5.30pm

What is the Singapore Story and who are its leading actors? What other kinds of histories are waiting backstage for their turn? Can history be more than a monologue by the victorious and the powerful? How can we mine social memory and cultural works to create our own alternative histories?

Moderator: Dr Paul Rae Tan (Playwright, Tree Duet and Lecturer, Department of Theatre Studies, NUS)
Panelists: Ng Yi-Sheng (Playwright, The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles), Dr Quah Sy Ren (Playwright, I Am Queen, Deputy Head of Chinese, NTU), Dr Syed Khairuddin Aljunied (Lecturer, Department of Malay Studies, NUS and author of Rethinking Raffles: A Study of Stamford Raffles’ Discourse on Religions Amongst Malays), Tan Pin Pin (Filmmaker, Invisible City, Singapore GaGa)

LIFE: To Build a **** Society: Unchartered Territories, Untested Waters
ART: Apocalypse: LIVE!

23 August 2008, 5.30pm

In the future, an environmentally-conscious Singapore will be a multiparty democracy, supported by a free press and a vibrant civil society. In a worldwide poll, Singaporeans are reported as the happiest people in Asia. We can dream, can’t we? We speak to some young people about their wish list for Singapore’s future.

Moderator: Ken Kwek (Playwright, Apocalypse: LIVE!)
Panelists: Laremy Lee (Playwright, Radio Silence and Full Tank), Baey Yam Keng (Member of Parliament, P65), Choo Zheng Xi (Editor, The Online Citizen), Bernise Ang (Founder, SYINC), Seelan Pillay (Artist and Social Activist)