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Apocalypse: Live!

DIRECTED BY Samantha Scott-Blackhall
STARRING Brendon Fernandez / Janice Koh / Risa Okamoto / Lee Weng Kee / Loong Seng Onn / Gene Sha Rudyn
SUPPORTING CAST Fazli Ahmad / Candice de Rozario / Shane Mardjuki / Greg Swyny/ Coral Anne Tong
VOICEOVERS Gordon Choy / Alecia Kim Chua / Rehaan Engineer / Sani Hussin / Elnie S Mashari / Rodney Oliveiro / Farahliza Ong / Darius Tan / Jo Tan / Terence Tay / Patricia Toh
DATES 20 – 24 August 2008
VENUE Drama Centre Theatre

It is the year 2058. Singapore is reeling from an unprecedented attack: buildings have been flattened, tens of thousands of people have been killed. In fact, nearly everything in this once pristine and technologically advanced city-state has been destroyed.

A day after the disaster, Major General Abdul Aziz has taken over the reins of power in a military coup. A colony of intrepid survivors, led by activist Jessie Soon and pastor Simon Sitoh, have pooled their resources to rebuild Singapore.

Sifting through the wasteland are news anchorman David Fong and reporter Lisa Takahashi, determined to cover the rebirth of the nation in real time. Can Singapore reclaim itself? We bring you their minute-by-hour report, live.

The production was nominated for Best Set Design at the LIFE! Theatre Awards 2009.

“Production values were high, and especially impressive was the set designed by Wong Chee Wai… Director Scott-Blackhall did an admirable job splitting the action into live and telecast segments.”
– The Straits Times