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The Silence of the Kittens Poster

The Silence of the Kittens

DIRECTED BY Aidil ‘Alin’ Mosbit
STARRING Alecia Kim Chua / Helmi Fita / Timothy Nga / Esther Yap
DATES 2 – 6 August 2006
VENUE Drama Centre Black Box

Can it be wrong to do all you can to protect those you love?

Only if you become the very thing they most need protection from…

The Silence of the Kittens is Ovidia Yu’s wicked satire about creating safe, protected environments within families, relationships and nations. And about pacifiers, prejudice and Pasir Panjang. Directed by Aidil ‘Alin’ Mosbit, and featuring a marvelous acting ensemble of Alecia Kim Chua, Helmi Fita, Timothy Nga and Esther Yap, this brand new comedy will have you thinking about cats, people who love cats, people who hate cats and the kind of fate that (in an ideal world) would befall a Minister who advocates the culling of cats.

The Silence of the Kittens combines satire and parody with comedy to take a hard look at Singapore society.”
– The Business Times