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Salsa Salsa Salsa!

PRESENTED BY W!LD RICE in collaboration with TheatreWorks
WRITTEN BY Wong Chen Seong
STARRING Shireen Abdullah / Peggy Ferroa / Sharon Ismail / Jalyn Han / Ravi Raaj Marimootoo
DATES 16 – 20 AUGUST 2006
VENUE Drama Centre Black Box

April, May and June, three older women suddenly alone in world, had been living together for longer than they cared to remember before finally moving out two years ago for good, or so they thought.

When Anne, an old friend on her deathbed calls and asks to see them one last time, they find themselves back in Singapore, together again, and with one small problem: they don’t remember who Anne is.

In the meantime, Anne has hired a dance teacher to teach her friends to salsa, so that they can let her relive the joy of the dance through them.

Their lessons seem easy enough but the reunion becomes complicated as old wounds and secrets are revealed and lunacy sets in. Through it all, the beat of the dance goes on, and memory and friendships whirl and turn, as inextricable as dancers on the floor.

“All three lead actresses are excellent, adept at conveying the comfortable rhythms and occasional tensions of their friendship with understated verve.”
– The Straits Times

Salsa Salsa Salsa has a lot going for it. Wong manages to create fairly strong personalities for the three women and there are enough witty one-liners to keep the audience chuckling”