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LIFE: Stayers and Quitters: Beyond Easy Assumptions
ART: Homesick

5 August 2006, 5.30pm

The “Stayers and Quitters” debate has stirred our souls since 2001 when the then PM Goh Chok Tong described two types of Singaporeans – ‘all weather’ and ‘fair weather’. What does it mean to have left Singapore, or stayed on? And what of the migrant workers and expatriates who call Singapore home? What does it mean to belong to a country?

Moderator: Eleanor Wong (Playwright, Lawyer)
Points of View: Braema Mathi (President, Transient Workers Count Too), Alfian Sa’at (Playwright), Ken Kwek (Journalist), Kwok Kian Woon (Sociologist)

LIFE: Strays and Critters: The Culling Fields
ART: The Silence of the Kittens

6 August 2006, 5.30pm

Furry friends or pernicious pests? We had our own era of The Culling Fields in 2003, where senseless phobia overtook logical procedure and a mass cull was ordered. Is there space for vermin in Singapore? How are undesirables dealt with? How “open and inclusive” are we as a society?

Moderator: Paul Rae (Director, Playwright)
Points of View: Ovidia Yu (Playwright), Dawn Kua (Cat Welfare Society), Lucky Davis (Artist, Activist, Critic)

 LIFE: New Singapore, Old Constraints?
ART: The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ

12 August 2006, 5.30pm 

Could the Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ in fact become reality in today’s Singapore? How do we view the Opposition, or alternative views? How do we value or acknowledge them? Can we?

Moderator: Alfian Sa’at (Playwright)
Points of View: Sylvia Lim (Worker’s Party Chairman, NCMP), Gayle Goh (Citizen Commentator), Eleanor Wong (Playwright, Lawyer), Tan Tarn How (Playwright, Social Commentator)

ART and LIFE: “Singapore Theatre Now”

20 August 2006, 2pm

What is Singapore Theatre? What are the concerns of theatre artists? What are the challenges and new directions? How does the audience feature in the equation? An exciting panel, comprising practitioners and critics will discuss the state of Singapore theatre today.

 Moderator: Ivan Heng (Artistic Director, W!LD RICE)
Points of View: Dick Lee (Cultural Medallion Winner), Paul Rae (Artistic Director, spell#7), Dr KK Seet (Academic, Critic), Haresh Sharma (Resident Playwright, The Necessary Stage), Jeffrey Tan (Associate Artistic Director, TheatreWorks), Audrey Wong (Co-Artistic Director, Substation)