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GRC (Geng Rebut Cabinet)

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Presented By Teater Ekamatra
Written By Alfian Sa’at
Directed By Mohd Fared Jainal
Starring Serene Chen / Khairudin Samsudin / Dalifah Shahril / Farah Ong / Fir Rahman

With elections around the corner, a political party is planning to field candidates in a five-member Group Representation Constituency. On the shortlist are a Minister, a Brigadier-General, a high-flying lawyer and a grassroots organiser.

But the team is not complete without a minority candidate. This candidate has to be likeable. He or she has to be a respected member of the community. Most importantly, he or she has to be… Chinese.

GRC examines what it means to be part of a minority in a topsy-turvy farcical world where the disempowered now rule, and the invisible have their faces plastered everywhere – but only during campaign season.

Who defines whether someone is a member of a minority? Who sets the standards for a ‘model minority’ and a ‘problem minority’? And is the country ready for a minority Prime Minister?

Performed in English and Malay, with English surtitles.

GRC is a funny play. There are laughs but these lead to sobering realisation, as the audience sees itself reflected in the funhouse mirror of the world on stage… GRC is as inclusive as the reality it represents fails to be.”
The Straits Times

“Fuelled by the script’s punchlines and steady wit, GRC delves into the intricacies of politicking during elections… GRC turns the world upside down, and in doing so, shows us what is possible.”