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Presented By W!LD RICE
Written & Directed By Rodney Oliveiro
Starring Jane Chia / Matthew Fam / Farez Najid / Gabriele Goh / Lim Jun Jie Jey / Loh An Lin / Elizabeth Loh / Nur Hamidah binte Abdul Rahim / Perry Felix Shen / Faith Sim / Siti Zuraida binte Abdul Rahim / Leonard Tan / Yazid Jalil

Step into the neon-lit lorongs of Geylang, where a happy ending is not what you think it is.

In this wicked interplay of four stories, meet those who have lived, loved and lost in Geylang. A pair of star-crossed lovers defy the river and cultures that separate them. Mediums and mamasans prey on lost souls. A single mother struggles to keep up with the relentless march of progress. A gang leader is swept up in a maelstrom of drug-fuelled violence. A civil servant falls under the heady spell of nostalgia as an iconic hawker stall is forced to relocate – or close down for good.

A potent, exhilarating brew of history and fiction, Geylang looks for truth in the past, present and future of Singapore’s most colourful district. Sexy, funny and poignant, Geylang is an electrifying, thought-provoking showcase of new Singapore voices and talent.

GEYLANG was created in collaboration with the third cohort of young & W!LD (2014-2015), W!LD RICE’s youth development division.

“A highly entertaining and contentious play.”

“The satire was so spot-on that it had me in fits the entire time.”